Portfolio of all the projects in NU Alumni Association
Interview with NU graduates about different topics.
Project coordinator – Nurseit Kurmantayev
Interview with acknowledged people outside of NU about different topics.
Project coordinator – Adil Kusmanov
Large yearly project with the aim of gathering the alumni and host a networking event with a lot of moving elements inside.
A series of lectures covering the acute problems of Kazakhstan and the world as a whole to raise awareness of NU students and graduates about the problems of ecology, society, culture of animal treatment and other acute social problems.
A social mentoring project aimed at increasing the level of awareness, the correct formation of goals and the organization of ways to achieve them for teenagers studying in secondary school. Graduates of Nazarbayev University share their experience and skills with the younger generation, and help students develop professional skills.
Quarterly updated stipend for students, established with the help of our graduates.
NU Alumni Association with the sponsorship of the corporate fund "Social Development Fund" launched a competition “Call for Proposals” to win grants for the implementation of your projects.
The grants will be awarded according to the main criterion, namely, the contribution of the NU community to the development and support of the society of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Supporting the Business community of NU through different means, such as regular meetings, creating communication channels, creation of common marketplace, etc.
The purpose of this fund is to support Nazarbayev University students who are currently experiencing (or who have recently encountered) temporary financial hardships that have adversely affected their academic performance
The scholarship in the amount of 30,000 tenge will be paid to 24 students for 1 semester (5 months) with the right to automatically prolong up to 1 year if they meet the requirements throughout the entire period of receiving the scholarship.
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