NU Alumni Association is a non-profit organization created by graduates in November 2018. Since then, the Association has been actively working to maintain and develop the NU alumni community.


NU ALUMNI Public Union


Bring together NU Alumni into an interested proactive community to create mutually beneficial relationships between members of the Association, the NU community and the society of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


“NU Alumni” actively involves alumni in the development of the Association to create an effective platform for solving the problems of the members of the Association, the NU community and the society of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Strategic direction

Professional and career development

Professional and career development

We are constantly working on the professional and career development of the members of the Association
Media coverage

Media coverage

We are actively covering the activities of the Association and the stories of NU alumni
Membership in the Association

Membership in the Association

We make membership in the Association attractive for NU
Financial stability

Financial stability

We involve all members of the Association in its financial

Our Team and List of Members

Introducing our Council Members.

Kurmantayev Nurseit
Kurmantayev NurseitSEng 2017nurseit.kurmantayev@nu.edu.kz
Akzhanov Aslan
Akzhanov AslanSSH 2020aslan.akzhanov@nu.edu.kz
Arestoteleva Dinara
Arestoteleva DinaraSST 2019dinara.arestoteleva@nu.edu.kz
Akhmetova Leila
Akhmetova LeilaSSH 2020l.akhmetova@nu.edu.kz
Bulegenov Dinmukhamed
Bulegenov DinmukhamedSEng 2018dinmukhamed.bulegenov@nu.edu.kz
Tumgoyev Yussup
Tumgoyev YussupSEDS 2020yussup.tumgoyev@nu.edu.kz
Mustafin Olzhas
Mustafin OlzhasSEng 2019olzhas.mustafin@nu.edu.kz
Okeshev Nurzhan
Okeshev NurzhanSST 2018nurzhan.okeshev@nu.edu.kz
Sagadiyev Saken
Sagadiyev SakenSEng 2016ssagadiyev@nu.edu.kz

Our Executive Office

Introducing our Executive Members.

Arman Konkobay
Arman KonkobayNU SHSS 2015ed.nualumni@nu.edu. kz
Executive Director
Zheniskhan BolatkhanovNU SSHS 2019comms.nualumni@nu.edu.kz
Communication Manager
Miliana Abdukhanova
Miliana AbdukhanovaNU SEDS 2020sm.nualumni@nu.edu. kz
Senior Manager
Aigerim Temir
Aigerim TemirKazGUU 2017fm.nualumni@nu.edu. kz
Financial Manager
Tileubek Temirlan
Tileubek TemirlanNU SHSS 2019 pm.nualumni@nu.edu. kz
Project Manager



The Social Development Fund of Nazarbayev University is a non-profit organization created to support social innovation, provide free financial, informational, administrative, and organizational assistance to its target audiences.

The Fund's purpose is to develop Kazakhstani society in educational, research, scientific and technical, social, cultural, charitable, innovative, and other socially useful spheres.

The target audiences of the Fund are students, employees of Nazarbayev University and its organizations, non-profit organizations and society in general.

Since 2012, the Fund has successfully implemented many programs to ensure a favorable environment to promote quality education for young people, the development of academic and scientific activities of employees, as well as the formation of social, scientific initiative among students and alumni of Nazarbayev University.

Furthermore, the Fund contributes to the development of student self-government by supporting initiatives to improve students’ the professional and personal skills, maintain a healthy lifestyle and inclusive education.

We intend to implement this goal through a new direction of work – Impact Investments, which will allow us to contribute directly to solving problems of society and the environment through socially transformative entrepreneurial projects.


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